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So long

, 14:00

Time goes and no news on the blog. No time, I dream on 96h days!

These months I've been working on:

  • At work, a new datacenter. going from scratch for the room, but All the existing infrastructure has to be keep or to be upgraded. And of course, it's too expensive for the manager.
  • Video postcasting: Friday we will make the first large try to make a large video podcast. Multicast, Real streaming, and perhaps theora/vorbis.
  • Having to review the project of my students. A new NX client, but it seems that they have only implemented a 1.5 compatible backend...
  • Managing our inline Team for the Bad Württemberg challenge . As I'm the most fluent in german, I manage all the group.
  • Skating! I've changed my Bond+5x90 vs. the latest Salomon+4x110 (bought at Inline Zentrum) These skate rules, I don't go faster, but it's easier :)

samba vs. AD

, 12:17

New computer to install, new error with AD. No problem, that's my job.

Failed to set servicePrincipalNames. Please ensure that the DNS domain of this server matches the AD domain, Or rejoin with using Domain Admin credentials.

Lire la suite...

NFS v4 and KDC in Active Directory

, 18:33

One more day spent to use the internal KDC from AD with NFS v4, without success.

It seems that the "net" command from samba 3.0.22 add a SPN in uppercase, I fixed that but it isn't suffisant to be able to use the SPN.

More generally, is seems that adding some SPN in AD isn't successful, even for CIFS:

for i in $(klist -k -e |cut -f5 -d' ') ; do kinit -k $i 2>/dev/null || echo $i BAD; done

for i in $(klist -k -e |cut -f5 -d' ') ; do kinit -k $i 2>/dev/null && echo $i OK; done

gives that only HOST/hostname_nonfqdn@REALM is working...

enctype is my nightmare.