vendredi, décembre 23 2011

Garmin forerunner & linux

I'm a owner of a Garmin Forerunner 305. To use it under linux, there are two ways. Use of There is a plugin to install on firefox to be able to retrieve data from the garmin, and send data to the website . Simply add the following repository in ubuntu/debian and install  […]

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mercredi, juillet 25 2007

BWIC: it's over!

and our team is fourth. BWIC challenge (BaWu for the french) is the Inline Cup for the , an Land from Germany. This is the equivalent of the French Cup. This is the main page, the web page isn't a lot accurate, but it takes time to update and write all articles :). The most intereting part is the  […]

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mardi, août 8 2006

Mont Ventoux: Done

Le rendez vous était fixé à 7h50 sur le parking de Bedoin, à la sortie de la ville

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lundi, juillet 24 2006


Yes, its done, I've passed the 5000km with my inline skates.

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