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NFS v4 and KDC in Active Directory

, 18:33 - Lien permanent

One more day spent to use the internal KDC from AD with NFS v4, without success.

It seems that the "net" command from samba 3.0.22 add a SPN in uppercase, I fixed that but it isn't suffisant to be able to use the SPN.

More generally, is seems that adding some SPN in AD isn't successful, even for CIFS:

for i in $(klist -k -e |cut -f5 -d' ') ; do kinit -k $i 2>/dev/null || echo $i BAD; done

for i in $(klist -k -e |cut -f5 -d' ') ; do kinit -k $i 2>/dev/null && echo $i OK; done

gives that only HOST/hostname_nonfqdn@REALM is working...

enctype is my nightmare.