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So long

, 14:00 - Lien permanent

Time goes and no news on the blog. No time, I dream on 96h days!

These months I've been working on:

  • At work, a new datacenter. going from scratch for the room, but All the existing infrastructure has to be keep or to be upgraded. And of course, it's too expensive for the manager.
  • Video postcasting: Friday we will make the first large try to make a large video podcast. Multicast, Real streaming, and perhaps theora/vorbis.
  • Having to review the project of my students. A new NX client, but it seems that they have only implemented a 1.5 compatible backend...
  • Managing our inline Team for the Bad Württemberg challenge . As I'm the most fluent in german, I manage all the group.
  • Skating! I've changed my Bond+5x90 vs. the latest Salomon+4x110 (bought at Inline Zentrum) These skate rules, I don't go faster, but it's easier :)