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BWIC: it's over!

, 10:10 - Lien permanent

and our team is fourth. BWIC challenge (BaWu for the french) is the Inline Cup for the , an Land from Germany. This is the equivalent of the French Cup.

This is the main page, the web page isn't a lot accurate, but it takes time to update and write all articles :). The most intereting part is the result system, which provide a large way to query all years, categories, races etc.

So less race than last year, but there was a little more people, perhaps the inline is coming a little back alone, after years of marketing.

Less races, but very well organized races, always transpoders for the time results, results online before the next days, really great. 20€ for a race, we have stuff for our money!

Next year, we will come back and perhaps add an Half Marathon in Strasbourg to the list of races!