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Replacing ghost with tools for real men. Part1: SMB, NFS or netcat for "Across Network"

, 20:10 - Lien permanent

Trying to ghost Mandriva2008.1, I've ended up with a no bootable computer. I used an old ghost (7.5), but we have the license for this tool only. Now, it's time to use real tools.



  • partimage isn't really fast
  • clonezilla is awfull
  • KISS is the solution probably.


Our development computer is an Core 2 duo with 2Go RAM, an 160 SATA2 Harddrive, and a gigabit card. The hard drive has 4 partitions:

  • sda1:ntfs, 22Go 12 used, for Windows development
  • sda5:ntfs, 80Go, empty
  • sda6:swap
  • sda7:ext3 30Go Mandriva 2008.1

The tool used for backup-ing the NTFS is ntfsclone.

The server is an Core2Duo E6550@2.33GHz 2Go RAM, 750Go SATAII drive.

The backup is done through
ntfsclone -s -o - /dev/sda1 |gzip |split -b 1000M - $DATASERVER/smb-master-sda1.img.gz_

It end up with 5 1-Go-files.


These tests were made 10 time, in random order

export DATASERVER=/mnt/share

Using an smb share (smb 3.0.28a)

export DATASERVER=/mnt/share
mount //server/share $DATASERVER
time cat $DATASERVER/smb-master-sda1.img.gz_* | gunzip | ntfsclone -r -O /dev/sda1 -

gives 6mn30

Using an NFSv3 share

mount server:/share $DATASERVER
time cat $DATASERVER/smb-master-sda1.img.gz_* | gunzip | ntfsclone -r -O /dev/sda1 -

gives 3mn

Using netcat

On server: cat master-sda1.img.gz_a* |netcat -q 1 client 1974

On client: time nc -l -p 1974 |gunzip | ntfsclone -r -O /dev/sda1 -

gives 3mn15

And the winner is


Why? probably because 30Mo/s for the network will make operation on disk go 60Mo/S due to the compression (remember: The initial partition has 12Go filled in, and the compressed image is at 5Go).