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Symfony 3.4, phpStorm configuration and debug

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Having the best tools for working on a project, but how to make them work together ?

  • phpStorm as IDE
  • Symfony as framework

PHP requirement

$ sudo apt install php-xml php-debug

Installer basic symfony project:

$ curl -LsS -o ~/symfony && chmod u+x  ~/symfony
$ ~/symfony new testproj 3.4
$ cd testproj; git init ; git add . ; git commit -a -m import

Launch phpStorm

Select "Create new project from existing files" -> "Web server is locally, sources are under ..."

Verify that you have the following plugins installed and activated:

  • Symfony Plugin
  • PHP Annotation
  • PHP Toolbox
  • PHP composer.json support

How to verify that you can debug correctly

In a console (for example on the console tab at bottom of phpStorm), start the server:

$ bin/console server:run

In PhpStorm

  • "Run" -> "web server debug validation"
  • Check "Local web server"
  • Path to create validation script must be: ~/PhpstormProjects/testproj/web
  • url to validation script